Wednesday, 3 July 2013

We finally started!!!

Well, after months of planning and about 5 going away parties we finally did it...we left!! But not without one last incredible send off from our friends in Würzburg and Andrea's family. Vielen Dank noch mal, Leute, das war wirklich super schön!!!!

A few friends over for breakfast!!

Jessi playing us off to The Foggy Dew!!!!


Dank Katrin haben wir auch das Kanu auf's Dach bekommen =)

So far so good on the river. Had a really relaxed first day cruising down the river trying to take in that we've finally started out world tour! After a few km we found the perfect camping site and two fellow river rats, Detlef and Stephen, who just also started their trip down the river on the same day! Thinking this was more than coincedence, we travelled the next day together for ~40km until we found our second perfect camping place, near Donau-Münster. After a well earned Jumbo-schnitzel and a few beers, we settled down in our tree house for the night.

lecker Donauwelle =)

Eating Australia

Alle haben beim Beladen geholfen...

...sogar Marvin =)

After a lovely night in the open air, we had a lazy morning paddlin the ~7km to Donauwörth, where the guys left to find a hairdresser and a cinema! We kept on moving through a beautiful nature reserve until we hit Neuburg, where we spoiled ourselves with a night in a camping platz with amazing showers!!!!

Detlef, Stephen and the crazy cat

Our very own tree house!!!



We stayed the night here and are now just chilling out, rambling around the town and we'll probably head off again in the evening.

Lots of love,
Colin & Andrea
: )

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