Sunday, 12 May 2013

A busy week!

Phew... what a week!

Planning is coming into the final stages! We spent Sunday to Thursday in the Blackforest visiting Andrea's relatives, doing a little climbing and plenty of hiking...and some very important ordering from Amazon. Sometimes sterotypes are bad but the truth is if you want to know about cameras you can't go far wrong asking a Japanese person! That's what I did, and thanks to Josie and Masa we found exactly the camera we were looking for, the Olympus TG-1. It's waterproof, shockproof, has GPS so it'll track where you take your photos and then turn it into a map for you...very nice : ) And importantly, it takes really good photos in every condition. We also got a really cool neoprene case with a carabiner so it's perfect for clipping to a harnass or belt and keeping the camera safely accessible.

CSCH-68, Olympus, Digital Cameras , Compact Cameras Accessories

Saturday was our going away so I spent Friday showing my cousin around beautiful Wuerzburg, then nearly burning down my apartment making an Irish stew, and after a party down in Lipfy's apartment, we woke up nice and hungover to go canoe shopping!

Fi hanging out with St. Killian on the Alte Mainbrücke
 Fi on the swing in Andrea's apartment

We spent last weekend trying out canoes with Waterwalker (in Estenfeld).and we found our perfect canoe. After talking to some people who actually knew something about canoes we decided on the Discovery explorer 16 and went back to try it out again and seal the deal. 
Trying to figure out where's the front

And here he is...Knu the canoe : )

After that it was time to get ready for the party. We'd planned a bbq and were determined to go through with it but it was a bit risky with the weather. Anyway, Frank took care of it and we ended up with a beautiful evening.  Tons of nice food, beer and great people. A great night altogether. There's a few photos below...

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